In Need of a Resurrection

Posted on April 25, 2014 by Katherine Ruch

Though I wrote this poem for the occasion of the consecration of our new church building (our church name is Church of the Resurrection), I thought I would post this in the Easter season, as it expresses our need for the ultimate resurrection power of Jesus in our daily lives. I hope it blesses you, as you walk in the death and resurrection everyday. The icon depicted in this picture is painted on canvas by three artists in our church. It is shown here at our Easter Vigil service in 2013, not in our own church building.


Coming to our Resurrection

To be given the right walls

and doors whose hinges open--
To find an ancient floor
and the right place to fall--
Is that not why you and I
first came to this Resurrection?

We came like Lazarus, bound
but staggering in the right direction.
We came like so many Shunamite women,
undone, bearing our lifeless sons,
crying out for a resurrection.

We were waiting for the Word
to hover over our emptiness
speaking, “Let there be!”—the wind
to drive a dry way through
our restless waters ---the breath
to rustle over our dry bones
with the rush of a resurrection.

And here we are alive,  
standing on bare feet.
We found our pains were windows,
our crosses a place to rise.
But like Jairus’ girl—Jesus, lift us up.
Our hands are feeble;  we are hungry
and are here for food.
Please raise us up for this

must be our Resurrection.

  --Katherine Ruch, 2013